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    Hello and Welcome
    Sunday, 20 July 2008
    So here it is my first post on this my brand new gaming blog! This blog has been an idea I have been thinking about for a very long time and now finally I have actually bothered to go with it.

    The creation of this blog has stemmed from a very personal set of events that very nearly destoryed me having gaming as a part of life. I recently left University having earnt a degree in English Studies and moved in with my girlfriend. Unfortunatly we couldn’t afford anywhere big and this meant downsizing my games collection amongest other things. We both had to make sacrafices and mine was some of my huge gaming collection. Packed away were the N64 games (I couldn’t part with this, the first console and games collection I had totally paid for on my own!), gone was my Gamecube as my Wii could play those games, gone was my GBA SP. All traded in or sold on to make space. One exchange I did make was my original Xbox for a shiny PS3 a decision I have not regreted. I will get into in a future post but I am a Nintendo fanboy who has recently found his gaming habits changing!

    As I have grown up and plunged myself head on into a new career that I am enjoying I have what with my job and social life that gaming time can be hard to come by and that this will only get harder once kids enter my life. With this in mind gamingcorner will a number of features that will centre around people who do find it hard to cram everything into their hectic life. These features are intended to help advise people what not to waste their time with and vice versa, along with finding those hidden gems that are worth your while. We will look at the growing phenomena of casual gaming and its place in our traditionally geeky industry.

    This will be a website will also cover the usual news and reviews that people have come to expect from a gaming blog, this community really is for everyone who takes pride in tucking every newly purchased game into their gaming corner.

    In the coming days and months we will strive to get as much content up as we can, but in the meantime feel free to check out our forums over at; (permanent link can be found to the right)

    They are still under construction and moderator staff are needed, but have the most important thing a games section to get chatting in.

    Alongside the forum staff, we also require news staff, reviewers and features writers to provide great content for the site. So please drop me a line with some sample work if you are at all interested in any of these positions.


    posted by flameboy @ 17:21  
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