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    Top 10 - Best Console Add Ons/Accessories
    Wednesday, 10 September 2008
    This is a continuation from last weeks Top 10, The Worst Console Add Ons. I decided that if the worst ones were getting talked about, then the best ones should as well. Enjoy!

    10 - Gameboy Player

    Being able to play your Gameboy games on your television through the Gamecube was brilliant. Some people found it a bit pointless, arguing that you could just play them on the handheld but sometimes you just want to play games on a big screen.

    9 - Headsets

    I remember when I first used my Xbox headset, damn did I feel like an idiot! Still, it seemed like such a big leap from having to stop and type something to people while playing online or having preset things to say like I used to use in Phantasy Star Online. I'm not a big online gaming fan but with headsets and the ability to actually talk to team mates it definitely amped up the fun and team work.

    8 - Steel Battalion Controller

    I have to admit, I never actually used this controller because I just couldn't afford it! It was amazing seeing people pay £130 for a game and controller but I still wanted it for myself. Just the sheer amount of buttons and controls you could immerse yourself in the game more than most others.

    7 - Dance Mats

    I am not choosing a specific Dance Mat here as, to be honest I would not know which one to mention specifically. They started off a new craze with people, at home and in the arcades. Watching people play these games though, it is amazing what passes for dancing these days. I would love to see someone busting out some Dance Dance Revolution moves in a club to impress someone!

    6 - Wii Fit Board

    I may not use Wii Fit as much as I originally intended to when I first bought it but there is no denying that the Wii Fit board is very impressive. I am glad to see now that it is not just being kept with the Wii Fit franchise but branching out into new games. I look forward to trying the new Skate game on it. Hopefully I wont fall over as much as I did when I tried proper skateboarding!

    5 - N64 Rumble Pack

    Adding rumble to control pads was a stroke of genius. Now you could actually feel when you were shooting, getting hurt or generally interacting with the environment. These days I barely notice rumbles in the controller but back then it added so much to gameplay.

    4 - NES Zapper

    I could not tell you if the NES Zapper was the first lightgun on the market, I really do believe that it is the most important one. Shooting those damn ducks on Duck Hunt and furiously firing the Zapper in an attempt to kill the dog are burned into my memory.

    3 - Instruments

    I couldn't decide if I was going to include the Guitar Hero controller or the Rock Band instruments as this entry so as its my top 10 I decided to merge them together. I will admit I was very wary of playing these (worried I would look stupid!) and it actually took me until Guitar Hero III to play. They are just so fun, messing about with your friends in a totally different way than we had done before.

    2 - Nintendo Wavebird

    Once again, I could not say if this was the first wireless control pad but I think it was the first one to do it right. Finally getting rid of wires was a massive step for consoles, no longer having to worry about tidying them away, tripping over them or if they will reach to where you are sitting from the console.

    1 - Sony Eye Toy

    I never actually owned one but I used to go into Dixons with a group of friends and we would spend quite a while playing through the various games that came with the original Eye Toy. It was the first time you were properly added into the game and could interact with things on the screen. Brilliant fun.

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    posted by Happenstance @ 08:59  
    • At 10 September 2008 at 23:54, Blogger ID said…

      What!? No, Master System 3D-Glasses in the top 10? Fo' shame... :P

      Nintendo allowed people to put their faces into console games years before the Eye-Toy with the Game Boy Camera. Okay, so the interaction wasn't exactly on the same level - and it was all based on photos rather that live video footage - but credit where credit is due! If it had not have been for RARE/Nintendo letting their moral concern get the better of them a lot more people would've experienced it too, with Perfect Dark's removed face-mapping player skins. Bizarre how they've never revisited the concept since (well, aside from Face Training in Japan) considering it would probably be a hit...

      Sega also did the console webcam-recognition based gaming before the Eye-Toy with their Dreameye for the Dreamcast. But alas, the games never made it out of development before the Dreamcast hit the buffers :'( Still, someone at Sega must've still wanted to pursue the idea as they did eventually churn out that Sega Superstars Eye-Toy game.

    • At 11 September 2008 at 10:47, Blogger flameboy said…

      Yeah other cameras were about before Eye-Toy, but few did it as well. Eye-Toy brought the concept to the mass market and had some fun games that everyone could play!

      Yes the Gameboy Camera had its plus points and I remember being gutted when they left out the face mapping feature from Perfect Dark.

    • At 11 September 2008 at 16:00, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      Where is the Wii Remote ? Ô.o
      The Eye Toy is a 1st position?
      The DreamEye must be in 1st position not Eyetoy

    • At 11 September 2008 at 16:29, Blogger Happenstance said…

      The wii more comes as standard so I couldnt add it to the list.

      As flameboy mentioned, there were other cameras but the eyetoy is the one that worked well and made it popular so thats why its there.

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