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    Retro Column: Boss Battles
    Thursday, 31 July 2008

    Well after chatting this weekend while playing on some retro games, goaferboy and I decided on our first proper retro column and we decided to start off with something light and fun. To that end, we will now list some of our favourite boss battles, in no particular order:

    Bowser (Super Mario Bros. NES): Now this may not be the best boss battle you will ever see, but it definately is the one thats stuck in my mind over all these years. Just simply running under, jumping over him to get to that axe so I could destroy the bridge and kill him (although he always came back!!!
    Throughout the worlds he got progressively harder but the solution was always the same.

    Mr X (Streets Of Rage 2. MegaDrive): You have been battling your way throughout the entire game and you finally get to the big boss! Now of course you have to battle him, his thugs while at the same time dodging his shots firing from his Tommy Gun. Now the Streets of Rage games have always been great fun, especially in co-op but it was very satisfying to make it to the end and take out the guy whos been causing you all this trouble!

    Sephiroth (Final Fantasy VII. PS1):
    Now here is a boss which you really wanted to kill! You'd seen him every now and again all the way through FFVII and eventually he is responsible for one of the most famous deaths in RPG history. The final fight in this game was definately about revenge.

    First Colossus (Shadow Of The Colossus. PS2):
    No other game has managed to create massive bosses with the same sense of scale for me as Shadow of the Colossus. The later bosses may be more impressive and harder to defeat, but nothing can beat the first time you see one moving.

    The Great and Mighty Poo (Conkers Bad Fur Day. N64, Xbox):
    A giant opera singing poo that feasts on sweetcorn and despises toilet roll. The actual combat might not be award winning, but I doubt you could find a single person who hasn't heard of the Great Mighy Poo. Foul mouthed toilet humour at its best. Be sure to play the N64 version for the uncut song!

    Giant LeChuck (Escape From Monkey Island. PC):
    Having spent ages perfecting your monkey kombat and defeating the monkey king, you then have to turn your kombat skills onto a giant stone LeChuck. The cries of "Eek Ack Oop!" still stick in my mind.

    Right then thats it, hopefully you will come on the forum to talk about this or comment below anyway. Otherwise we'll have our Vectorman feature up next week so give that a read!

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    posted by Happenstance @ 11:00  
    • At 8 August 2008 at 10:05, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      Some good reading. Gotta say my fav boss was bowser just because he's plain and simple. Good job Happenstance

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