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    Lowdown on the Download - PSN Update - 14/8/08
    Thursday, 14 August 2008

    Time for this weeks PSN update.

    PS3 store


    Sheep (PS1 Classic) - £3.49
    Driver (PS1 Classic) - £3.49


    Facebreaker - FREE
    Monster Madness - FREE
    Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 - FREE


    Nascar 09 - Car Skin Pack 1 - £1.99
    Nascar 09 - Car Skin Pack 2 - £1.99
    Nascar 09 - Car Skin Pack 3 - £1.99
    Nascar 09 - Montreal - £2.99


    E3 - In conversation with Shuhei Yoshida - FREE
    Fatal Inertia Ex Trailer 1 - FREE

    PC store


    Sheep (PS one Classic) - £3.49
    Driver (PS one Classic) - £3.49


    Buzz!™: Master Quiz Trailer - FREE

    In Game

    Nucleus Updated Full Game file - £4.99
    Nucleus Updated In-game upgrade file - £4.99


    We get a couple of solid demos, I'll be trying out Monster Madness, but as usual there is nothing to write home about. Sony have promised us The Last Guy and Ratchet and Clank for this month so I'm not going to show my rage.

    There is an interview with Shuhei Yoshida from E3. If you don't know who Shuhei Yoshida is, thank you google, he is Phil Harrison's successor (No, I didn't have to google him). It might be interesting, but somehow I doubt it.

    Actually I lied before, I am going to show my rage. Lets just log into the American PSN for a second. After my eyes adjust to the divine light of PSN nirvana where there is new content aplenty and the store is organised, nay, easy to navigate, I stumble across Bionic Commando: Rearmed ($9.99) and Street Fighter Alpha ($4.99). So Europe isn't deemed good enough for either of these titles... or 1942: Joint Strike from last week... or any kind of a hint at a Resistance 2 Beta... fantastic. I normally have a go at SCEE, because it's more fun to think that they are bumbling morons who entertain themselves by rolling corks across the floor while singing the lyrics to 'Hit me Baby One More Time' backwards in a ritualistic bid to keep the flying monkeys away, but in actual fact it is Sony Computer Entertainment, Incorporated's fault for not forcing studios to submit global submissions like Microsoft does. Bad Sony!!

    Also this week sees the introduction, by SCEE, of a brand new feature that will revolutionise gaming as we know it and bring an end to world hunger, yes people, items will now be viewable in an A-Z order.

    Mr Trill, Sony's European Community Manager writes:

    In support of our continued improvements to the PlayStation ® Store we will be implementing a Search By A-Z category within the Store. Featuring within our store update this Thursday the 14th August, the All Games section will now include sections sorting our game content into A-Z listings by letter. Therefore, if you’re looking for a specific game, demo or game add-on content by name, you can use this handy new feature to speed up your search.

    Still no demo section I see...

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    posted by Daft @ 13:40  
    • At 14 August 2008 at 14:57, Blogger flameboy said…

      Cannot believe we didn't get either Bionic Commando or Streetfighter Alpha...damn you Sony of Europe.

    • At 14 August 2008 at 15:15, Blogger Daft said…

      You really can't believe it? :p

      I really hope we get one of either those two or 1942 next week. Although R&C will be out so I wouldn't be surprised if they delayed it so they don't clash.

    • At 14 August 2008 at 15:51, Blogger flameboy said…

      I hear the demo is up on the japanese store for Bionic Commando might have to pop on there and give it a go.

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