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    Top 10 - Nintendo DS Games
    Wednesday, 15 October 2008
    With our Staff Roundtable on the newly announced Nintendo DSi I decided to do this weeks Top 10 features on my favourite DS games.

    10 - Sonic Rush

    Being a big fan of the old 2D Sonic games on my MegaDrive this was going to be a no brainer buy for me. Similar to the Sonic Advance games on the GBA, Sonic Rush made good use of the top screen and was just pure fun.

    9 - Pokemon Diamond/Pearl

    I think there are unjustified complaints against Pokemon that it is somehow kiddy (Most likely due to the cartoon) but they are definitely some brilliant and easy to get into RPGs. I have been playing the Pokemon series since I first got Pokemon Blue and I plan to continue playing it hopefully for many years to come.

    8 - Animal Crossing: Wild World

    I absolutely loved Animal Crossing on the GameCube. Wild World was pretty much just more of the same but that definitely isn't a bad thing. Its not a game that you will spend hours at a time on but you will feel the urge to go back to your town everyday to make sure things are OK. I just wish they had left the real world holidays in this version.

    7 - Professor Layton and the Curious Village

    It took a while for this game to even come onto my gaming radar. It has some brilliant anime cut scenes, good voice work (OK the accents make me laugh but that can only be a good thing) and the puzzles are very fun to work through.

    6 - Elite Beat Agents

    A quirky music game where you use the stylus to hit the DS touch screen at the correct moments. The best bits however are just watching the characters on screen going through their stories.

    5 - Mario & Luigi: Partners In Time

    Another Mario & Luigi game and another success I would say. These games are just filled with great moments and humour, I love playing them.

    4 - Brain Training

    Now a few years ago I would never have seen myself putting an educational game onto a "Best of" list but here we are. Brain Training is very addictive, especially when you play with the rest of your family/friends, then it becomes a challenge to see who is the smartest. It also managed to open up gaming to a whole new market and is definitely one of the biggest reasons the DS has done as well as it has to date.

    3 - Hotel Dusk: Room 215

    Hotel Dusk is basically a noir detective story set in...yes you guessed it, a hotel. You go around talking to people and collecting clues. This may sound similar to other games in the genre but the amazing design in this game really puts it above all of them.

    2 - New Super Mario Bros

    What can I say. This game has kept me playing since launch, up until today and I'm sure for a long time to come. Its classic Mario Bros and so much fun!

    1 - Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

    God damn it I love Phoenix Wright games! Whenever I start to feel a bit bored with the gaming industry I can just stick one of these on and everything will be better again! Even though the court room scenes and evidence gathering are great, my favourite part is simply the stories and characters. They are all very likable and you really get pulled into the stories with all the twists and turns.

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