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    Top 10 - Comedy Gaming Moments
    Wednesday, 1 October 2008
    Computer games manage to share a lot of genres with films. Action, adventure, sci-fi and fantasy are the strongest. The one genre which doesn't translate well into computer games as a dedicated genre is comedy. Humour in computer games doesn't work in the same way as in films. A film can rely purely on its jokes to sell whereas a computer game needs to be entertaining and uses humour as a backdrop for the main action. Gaming Corner takes a look at gamings funniest moments, intentional or not.

    10: Max Paynes Face

    A strange cross between constipation and disgust, Man Paynes face is unintentional comedy gold. Strange, considering the rest of the game was well polished and thought out.

    9: Manx TT Sheep

    During the Saturn era, Segas arcade team had a strange, short lived obsession with adding animals to its racing games. But they seemed to get mixed up somewhere, having the horse in Daytona USA riderless and adding a rider the the sheep in Manx TT. Add in some comedy trotting noise and wacky soundtrack and you have the funniest moment in a racing game ever.

    8: Fallout 3 Trailer

    "Our American way of life. Isn't it grand? Peace, freedom and bacon and eggs!" The highlight of the video comes when the giant grinned, odd man who presents the video describes how the daughter of the family "might meet that special someone" and repopulate the earth after the holocaust, all in front of a slightly disturbed looking father. All of the family manage to stay obliviously happy through his description of nuclear war.

    7: Flatout Launch

    Whilst the novelty eventually wears off, launching the unfortunate driver though the windscreen is definately funny the first hundred or so times. It's even better when the game adds giant dart boards, high jumps and various other targets to bounce the poor man off of.

    6: Fable Chicken Kicken

    You've just been reunited with your long lost sister you thought was dead. What's the first thing you do? Thats right, hoof an unsuspecting chicken half way across Oakvale. Lionshead studio definately knew what the player would want to do as soon as they laid eyes on the feathered inhabitants of Albion. It's just a shame you couldn't do the same to the kids...

    5: Wind Waker Link Cannon

    Links face is priceless. He goes through shock, fear, anger and acceptance before being instantly wanged at the stronghold. The simple nature of the graphics and the "WAAAAAHHH!" help to add to the slapstick humour of the scene.

    4: GTA4 Standup Comedy

    Rockstar took a bit of shortcut with this one. Not content with humour in the storyline, they added a comedy club where the player could relax between missions by watching 2 great stand up comedians. And their routines aren't just half assed material thrown together for the game, it's all taken from their recent tours.

    3: Shenmue Sex Face

    When Ryo isn't desperately looking for sailors, there is nothing he enjoys more than a nice refreshing can of his favourite beverage. So much so that he even releases a "ooah!" and pulls his best sex face after seemingly downing it in one gulp. Presumably, he then goes to find Goro to ask where the best place to take a leak is. He seems awfully proud of his toilet finding skills.

    2: Conker Great Mighty Poo

    Spouting such memorable and melodic lines such as "I am the great mighty poo and im going to throw my shit at you" and "how about some scat you little twat?", the Great Mighty Poo is the funniest end boss around. Conkers Bad Fur Day really takes toilet humour literally.

    1: Portal Still Alive

    Whilst the phrase "the cake is a lie" has become overused, the first time "Still Alive" started up was a classic comedy moment. Having just finished one of the most innovative games ever, players would be forgiven for thinking that the best was over. Valve continued the creative theme of the game by not settling for a standard end credits and included a hilarious song sung by the end boss herself. The most memorable line has to be

    "Maybe you'll find someone else to help you.
    Maybe Black Mesa -
    That was a joke. Haha. Fat chance.
    Anyway, this cake is great:
    It's so delicious and moist."

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