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    Review: Lost Via Domus (Xbox 360)
    Wednesday, 23 July 2008
    Being a big fan of Lost playing this game was a bit of a no-brainer. There wasn't too much information out there in Internet land before it was released, at least not that I came across so I came into this after just seeing a few screenshots and a quick gameplay video. Lets just say it wasn't the best game in the world.

    For once I wont reveal the characters name that you play, as for at least a portion of the game you don't know it. You see, your character wakes up from the Oceanic Flight 815 crash with amnesia (at tad cliche I know). This does give us a new use for the well known flashbacks in Lost. This time you can interact with your flashback after taking a photograph to help your memory. Using these flashbacks you slowly start to remember who you are and why you are being chased.

    The game itself is divided up into different tasks. Sometimes you will have to talk to other crash survivors, either to find out new bits of information or trade supplies to progress the story. Other times you may have to run through the jungle, attempting to avoid "the monster", trying to navigate your way through pitch black caves with just a burning torch or trying to solve various circuit puzzles.

    The graphics are very impressive, especially when you are going through thick jungle. Character models look pretty good when compared with their real life counterparts aswell. Voice acting however is another matter, only a few of the actual actors are in the game. The rest are pretty bad impersonations of the shows characters.

    Now then, onto the bad bits. I found the controls and camera pretty clunky, the gameplay was very repetitive with you just running from place to place and solving way too many circuit puzzles. Also, even though the story is probably the best part, it is way too short. I completed this game within 4 hours and that included collecting over 900 gamerpoints without really trying.

    In summary I could only really recommend this game to a fan of Lost interested in seeing the extra story or someone wanting a quick gaming jaunt and some easy gamerpoints to bolster their score.


    posted by Happenstance @ 11:30  
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