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    Review: Toki Tori (Wiiware)
    Sunday, 17 August 2008
    Toki Tori by developer Two Tribes is a simple premise- you are plonked in a 2D level and there is a number of eggs you must collect. That's it. Well there are a few other things that spice it up- items like bridges, teleportation device, freeze-o-matic and hoover amongst others, as well as baddies to avoid. It might not be a huge list, but things can get pretty complicated and taxing nonetheless.

    Sound like fun? Well probably not from that description. The thing is, Toki Tori has an addictive edge where, even on the most difficult of levels, you always think you are on the verge of success so you want another go... and another... until you eventually perfect your approach and complete the level. Its made difficult because you only have so many uses of each item in each level- meaning you have to plot things out and make sure you use the items in the right places and not waste them, lest you be looking at that last egg and have no means to reach it. Even the baddies need to be used to your advantage. Each and every level has a very deliberate layout, which you will realise the deeper you get into the game- each single gap, platform, ladder, baddie... everything must be given consideration as you formulate the winning strategy for each stage.

    In the early levels everything is straightforward as you are eased into proceedings but its not that long before you will be scratching your head. When stuck you will find yourself staring at the screen, working through how to reach the eggs in your head. Waiting for that moment of enlightenment, that elusive eureka moment when it all becomes clear to you. On completing a particularly tough level you realise how logical - and oft-times obvious - the solution was. You wonder how you could be so stupid when the solution was staring you in the face all the time. You'll jump straight into the next level to prove to yourself that you aren't that thick, but 15-20 minutes later, you will be stuck once more.

    The game is made up of four worlds with ten initial levels each and then a selection of hard levels for each world after that, which takes the number up to seventy. There is next to no story, but that doesn't matter. As you play, Toki Tori will leave you messages on the Wii message board, keeping you up to date with his adventure, which is a nice touch. Graphically, its all good. The only glitch I came across was in the sound department- when you zoom the camera out to look at the level, some sound effects will continue even though the game is, in effect, paused. For example, if you zoom out when Toki Tori is flapping down off a ledge, the sound of his flapping wings will continue.

    If you are worried about what control methods are available, then there's nothing to be afraid of. The game supports Wii remote (you can play it purely with the IR pointer, a la Zack & Wiki), Wii remote + nunchuck and the classic controller. If you use the remote at all, then it can be fun to switch between items as you have the choice of pressing left and right on the d-pad, or flicking the remote left and right.

    What it all boils down to is that if you are looking for a game to appeal to the side of you that enjoyed games like Zack & Wiki and the Lost Vikings, then get Toki Tori because playing as a chicken has never been so good. It may seem pricey at 900 Wii Points, but its genuinely worth it.


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    posted by darksnowman @ 15:34  
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