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    Retro Column - Good Old Games (
    Thursday, 25 September 2008

    After thinking for quite a while what to write this weeks Retro Column about I was directed to the "Good Old Games" website at

    As my love for old PC games has been reignited lately after playing Diablo II on single player and over LAN with goaferboy this website came as a happy suprise, its nice to see that the old classics are still paid attention to.

    Here are some of the questions they have posted on their site which can explain about them:

    Who Are You Guys?

    "Everyone at is a gamer, just like you. We’ve combined our real-life love for classic games with the amazing virtual world of the intarnets to bring some of our favorite games to your PC, with nothing – except maybe our budget – holding us back from conquering the world through gaming."

    Why do you sell old games? Are you stupid or something?

    "Well, it looks like you haven't played the PC classics much. Maybe it's some sentimental attachment or maybe the games back then were different? Maybe a little bit of both; regardless, the truth is that the all-time classics never go out of style and we know that. So don't criticize; play the game like it's 1995."

    GOG will be offering retro pc games to buy at either $5.99 or $9.99 DRM free. Once you have paid you will be able to download and redownload them as much as you like and play them without having to be on the internet. They have also had programmers working on these games so they will be playable on both Windows XP and Vista, great news for people with these Operating Systems who sometimes have trouble with the older games.
    There will also be extras available after you have purchased your game, this includes wallpapers, walkthroughs, MP3 soundtracks, map editors and add ons just for starters.

    They are currently in their "Early Access Beta" which apparently thousands of gamers have already signed up for.

    I look forward to the full service going live as I can see myself using it regularly (once my internet connection is fixed so I can download at proper speeds!).

    This is the first part of my article on, I will write the next part once the site is up and running properly.

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