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    Top 10 - First Person Shooters
    Wednesday, 22 October 2008
    Well then here we go, another week and another Top 10 article. This week we will be running down the Top 10 First Person Shooters, so once again enjoy and if you disagree then leave a comment or join up to our forums.

    10 - Wolfenstein 3D

    Its hard to remember but I think this could have been the very first FPS that I ever played. Killing everyone in a room then sliding along walls looking for secrets never seemed so much fun. Oh and who doesn't love being able to kill Hitler!

    9 - Duke Nukem 3D

    I remember playing through this game when I was pretty young and I just loved everything about it. The blood, the violence, the sex, the swearing... It was just a fun game, one I am now thinking about getting on XBLA after I finish writing this. Who would have thought writing a Top 10 article for a blog would cost me money!

    8 - Quake II

    Another game I played when I was younger. The first Quake was good but I think Quake II really took it to the next level. The mod scene was brilliant for it as well, anyone ever play Action Quake?

    7 - Goldeneye

    I will confess that I am not the biggest Goldeneye fan out there but I couldn't really leave it off this list could I? Even if I didn't play it much myself I was in no way blind enough to notice just how popular it was with nearly every gamer I speak to.

    6 - Halo

    Its such a shame that the original Halo didn't have online multiplayer for the xbox but that didn't stop the original Halo from being a great game. Sure some of the levels were so repetitive that you wanted to rip your eyes out but you still seemed to carry on. Playing Halo on co-op was some brilliant gaming for me.

    5 - Team Fortress Classic

    I'm sure a lot of you reading this would have chosen Counterstrike in the place of TFC but not me, I just could not get into it. Team Fortress Classic however was a brilliant multiplayer game. that I think allowed people from all skill levels to jump right in and just have some fun (That's right, I am not the best online gamer you will ever see!).

    4 - Doom

    Well, what can I say really? I mean its Doom, I am sure you've heard it all before.

    3 - Call Of Duty 4

    I was actually very run down with the COD games before 4 came out, I think the WWII era has been used to death. Then came along this fresh and new setting and I just loved it. The multiplayer as well was brilliant, I had been burnt out on online FPS before this came along.

    2 - Half Life 2

    This game is just near perfect, everything about it I just love. The characters, the enemies, the physics, the world, the story. Plus playing with the gravity gun was just fun :P

    1 - Half Life

    Some would probably say that Half Life 2 was better than the original and I guess they might be right, but not for me. Once again we get nearly all of the things that made Half Life 2 so great but I was doing it all for the first time and that definitely sticks in my mind more than the sequel.

    .......Oh, and anyone wondering where Portal was in this Top 10, don't worry. I love it as well but I wanted only proper shooters on the list.

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    posted by Happenstance @ 09:06  
    • At 22 October 2008 at 13:49, Blogger not_so_tiny said…

      Awesome top ten, very accurate, though I would have the first Perfect Dark game and Timesplitters 2 up there.

    • At 22 October 2008 at 14:54, Blogger Happenstance said…

      I think Perfect Dark and Timesplitters 2 would definately be very high, possibly even places 11 and 12 but the others just had more of an impact on both the industry and me I think.

    • At 22 October 2008 at 18:18, Blogger Cypher21 said…

      Blah, Why do top anything lists always have to include the "obligatory" classics? If you were to play some of these games today you would think they were garbage. I played all these games when they were released and loved them then because they were fresh, exciting, and yes fun. Now they just plain suck.

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