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    Review: Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit (Xbox 360)
    Wednesday, 23 July 2008
    I have recently started renting games from LoveFilm as a way to attempt to keep up with games and even try new ones that I may not have before this. The latest of these is Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit.

    This game actually snuck up on me, I have never been a fan of the anime series, nor have I played any of the previous Dragonball games but when I noticed the the demo on the Live Arcade I figured why not?

    DBZ: Burst Limit is basically a beat'em up but with story included not only between fights but actually during them. This was a major factor in me playing the full game as it gave it an edge of the other generic fighters you may come across. Playing through the game though holds one problem for people like myself who are not familiar with the show, they seem to skip key moments in the story so one moment you will be fighting on Earth and the next you are on another planet. Or maybe one character is incredibly annoyed in a cutscene but you have absolutely no idea why.

    The fighting, which of course is the main feature of the game is good. You really feel some power behind these characters when you land the stronger moves. Performing an Ultimate Finish can can be very rewarding (took me ages to manage it, unlike goaferboy who did it first time!). There is a wide choice of characters, all of which tie into the anime series and are unlocked as you progress through the story.

    The graphics in this game are strong, it really transfers the feeling of an anime show over to a game well. The voice acting is typical for an english dub, pretty over the top but gets across the information well enough.

    The game does feature online play but unfortunately with my gold account currently I will have to wait to review this side of it.

    Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit can easily be played as just another button masher. Hell, when I started playing it for the first time thats how I played it. Once you start learning the moves though and play through the tutoral it becomes a lot more in depth. You really have to work on your timing in the game, knowing what buttons to press and when. It really does help when you get into the more difficult fights.

    Apart from the seemingly missing scenes I only really have one other complaint. A lot of the cutscenes get repeated, just replacing characters in them. This can happen a lot and once you notice its happening, it becomes annoying. Pulling you out of the scene is never a good thing and thats what the repeated fights etc does.

    This is definately a game I would recommend, moreso to fans of the anime. But as you can see from this review, I have'nt watched it and I still really enjoyed playing the game.


    posted by Happenstance @ 11:31  
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